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Architect work : student housing final
Architect work : student housing final

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Entrepreneurship narrowly as business start-ups, and entrepreneurs as young dreamers with a particular personality.
There is a traditional romantic relationship between startup and garage /basement. Creativity, invention, and innovation are values championed as central pillars of the success trend in these present days. Space usage depends but it can go with all activities that individuals use to improve their skill or make a profit, whether it be the food industry (snacks, coffee), Art (performant art, fine art), Mechanic ( coding, invention), Marketing ( product, mass produce). In short, a garage is an expansion of the desk which people will use as their kickstart into the capitalist world.
First, entrepreneurs are generally a sociable bunch who like interacting while transacting. Gaining access to groups of like-minded entrepreneurs is the biggest reason startups rush to join incubator and seed accelerator programs
Startups create more business, bossiness creates more jobs and more competition, with more competition it can’t be denied that the growth of the district will occur at high speed.

Working space - A garage is located on private property, providing less public access, and more security for budding ideas and knowledge to bloom. A garage invites experimentation. The openness of space allows for building, construction, and the development of product prototypes.
Coworking spaces- are extremely convenient for early-stage businesses, as they come fully decked out and equipped with trendy amenities like state-of-the-art connectivity, lounging areas, and private offices, complimentary beverages and snacks, and a professional business address in a coveted business district.
Open space / common space - Nature is the most profound space in the world, Greenspace helps calm people's thoughts which will lead to an idea. There is a powerful connection between nature and the human mind.
The green, open platform circulation space will not only reinforce the building’s connection to the zoning but will also help activate the street level. it opens to the street outside the warehouse. To minimize energy demands, by using climatic analysis to determine the massing and orientation of the platform.

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